Monday, September 22, 2008

American Football - American Football (1999)

There haven't been any new releases in the past several weeks that have caught my eye, so instead of just sitting idly by with no updates, I thought I'd share an album I've been digging a lot lately. American Football was started in 1997 by multi-instrumentalist Mike Kinsella (formerly of Cap'n Jazz and Joan Of Arc and currently of Owen) in Urbana, Illinois.

Although the band was only together for a few short years, their one and only album has become somewhat of an underground classic in recent years. One of the most defining aspects of the album is that it is so easy to listen to, but difficult to fully explore and grasp, even upon multiple listens. The music can come off as rather simplistic at times, but underneath the jazzy drums and guitar lines are subtle melodic touches that really bring out the beauty and atmosphere of the album. Probably one of the last great emo albums.

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